May 10, 2022

Essential Mixers and Liquors For Your Cocktail Kit

Making cocktails at home can be expensive and require a lot of time and effort. However, by having some essentials stocked it’s easier to create the classics at home -whether it be a simple cosmo for yourself or an impressive Gin Sour for your guests. Here are our top items for any aspiring mixologists toolkit.


Vodka is incredibly versatile and is an ingredient in more mixed drinks than any other type of spirit. Our top picks are either Stil or the more premium Coast Road


While peoples opinions of gin can be rather polarising it’s a staple that’s needed in any drink cupboard. While we love a good flavoured gin (Sundown black Doris Plum is our favourite) having a classic Gin such as the Sundown Original or The National Distillery Old Navy gin means that you can add more flavours to any cocktail.


One word…Margaritas! Perfect for any season we love a good marg. A good rule of thumb for budding mixologists is to have a cheaper bottle of tequila on hand for margaritas and a nicer bottle for those who prefer a tequila straight or mixed with soda. Our Go-To tequila is Código 1530 Blanco Tequila


Question, white or dark rum? Answer, both! White rum is essential for the classic (and delicious) Mojitos and darker rums are better for classic rum and cokes or dark and stormy’s.


Whiskey can be hard to pick with the different flavour profiles, years and prestige surrounding different brands. A good starting Whiskey is Redemption Rye Whiskey


A small selection of liqueurs comes in handy for making cocktails, and many work on their own as after-dinner digestifs. Some basic staples include: Remarkable Cream, Jumping Goat, Campari, Cointreau, and Vermouth.

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