April 06, 2022

Batched Easter Espresso Martini

Make your long weekend extra special with these Batched Easter Espresso Martinis.

We love pairing our espresso with chocolate- especially when it’s in a cocktail! This recipe makes enjoying your easter eggs that much more exciting. Try it out this weekend and tag @batchedcocktails to show us your creation.

Batched Easter Espresso Martini

Other Ingredients

1x Hollow easter egg
1x Teaspoon of hot chocolate powder
Coffee beans
Whittakers espresso chocolate
1x Handful of ice


1. Fill a shaker with ice, pour your BATCHED into the shaker and shake.

2. Boil the jug and fill a mug with hot water. Place a sharp edged knife in the water to heat up the blade.

3. Once the blade is hot use it to cut through the chocolate of your hollow egg to create a cup shape.

4. Pour your Batched into the chocolate egg then sprinkle some hot chocolate over the top. Garnish with coffee beans and a piece of Whitakers then your BATCHED Easter Espresso Martini is ready to enjoy!

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